Poetry Therapy involves the dynamic use of words. Poems, Narratives, and other Spoken Art Forms are shared enriching the speaker and the listener. Words are our most power tools and used correctly they can evoke high levels of emotion, healing, oneness and a calm wave of truth, centeredness, and infinite possibilities.

How Does Poetry Therapy Work?

As part of therapy, some people may wish to explore feelings and memories buried in the subconscious and identify how they may relate to current life circumstances. Poetry is believed to be beneficial to this process as it can often: 

  • Be used as a vehicle for the expression of emotions that might otherwise be difficult to express

  • Promote self-reflection and exploration, increasing self-awareness and helping individuals make sense of their world

  • Help individuals redefine their situation by opening up new ways of perceiving reality

  • Validate emotional experiences and improve group cohesiveness by helping people realize many of their experiences are shared by others

  • Help therapists gain deeper insight into those they are treating


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