Drama Therapy is a creative arts therapy method that integrates role playing, stories, improvisation, imagination, spatial freedom, and other techniques taken from the theater incorporated with creative and playful methods of growth, self-esteem, recovery and emotional therapy.

How Drama Therapy Differs from Acting

Due to the cathartic nature of dramatic artistic expression, drama itself tends to promote good mental health. However, drama therapy consists of more than just acting. Like artmusic, and dance therapies, drama therapy uses the art form as a springboard for deeper, more meaningful work with participants. Drama therapists guide people in therapy through a series of intentional activities that allow them to enact scenes representative of the way they want to live their lives. Participants may see drama therapy affect changes in their behavior, emotional state, personal growth, and skill adaptation. Participants utilizing drama therapy are often able to improve their interpersonal relationship skills through active participation in things like:

  • Storytelling

  • Role-playing

  • Puppetry

  • Rituals

  • Games

  • Improvisation

  • Scripts



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