Dance Therapy uses movement as the primary means of expression and communication. The body is not merely addressed here but is given a forum, arena, playground, safety net and a voice. For many trauma victims, their bodies become shields and weapons of protection. It is here they are freed to explore, express and share their beauty, grace, magnificence, innocence, curiosity, freedom, flight and regain the embodiment of their power.

Why Dance Therapy is Different from Regular Dancing?

Movement in a dance therapy setting is more than just exercise. The actions, fluidity, and movement are interpreted more like a language. People who utilize dance therapy within an eating disorder treatment setting utilize movement to communicate conscious and unconscious feelings through dance. The therapist responds to the movements, assesses body language, nonverbal behaviors and emotional expressions to develop interventions to address the specific needs of the client. Movement is the primary way dance therapists observe, evaluate, and implement therapeutic intervention


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